5 Ways Your Phone Can Help Keep You Healthy

Whether you are trying to lose weight, count calories, track nutrition, get in better shape or simply push through a brutal workout, there are a number of ways your cell phone can actually help. From sending you reminders to teaching you new exercises and workouts, here are 5 ways your cell phone can actually help keep you healthy. 1. Route planning and fitness tracking If you are a runner or walker, fitness apps like runkeeper can help you plan out your routes to either incorporate or avoid obstacles like stairs or busy intersections, as well as helping you determine how …

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Tangled – Tips for Keeping Your Device Charging Cables Organized

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These days, most people own several electronic devices. At the very least, you have your smartphone, tablet, laptop and gaming console. If you live in a household with an entire family, a significant other or a roommate or two, you will have even more devices. As a result, you will also have plenty of charging cables lying around. These are bound to get tangled and disorganized over time. You can avoid that situation by using these tips for keeping your charging cables organized. Eliminate Unused Cables If you have several charging cables for any one device, consider giving them away …

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