Tangled – Tips for Keeping Your Device Charging Cables Organized

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These days, most people own several electronic devices. At the very least, you have your smartphone, tablet, laptop and gaming console. If you live in a household with an entire family, a significant other or a roommate or two, you will have even more devices. As a result, you will also have plenty of charging cables lying around. These are bound to get tangled and disorganized over time. You can avoid that situation by using these tips for keeping your charging cables organized. Eliminate Unused Cables If you have several charging cables for any one device, consider giving them away …

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5 Great iPhone Cases

The makers of iPhone cases have been getting creative lately, in ways that are incredibly convenient for iPhone carriers. Depending on your needs, you may find that one of these iPhone cases is a must-have for you. Whether you want to ditch your wallet or just be safer on early morning runs, one of these cases will be useful to you. With the help of these cool cases you can turn your phone into… A credit card holder There are tons of options for stashing your cash and cards in your phone case so you can stop carrying your wallet. …

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