How to set up Your Business on Instagram

How to set up Your Business on Instagram

With the technology available today, there are many ways in which we can grow our business that was once unavailable to us. Social media marketing has become an essential part of any growing business. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media outlets today. With users checking their Instagram news feeds multiple times a day, there are many opportunities for businesses when they market well to these users. Learning how to set up your business on Instagram is a very beneficial step in taking your business to the next level.

Keep your Instagram account engaging

Kayäni is a great example of a business who is doing Instagram right. When you look through their Instagram videos and pictures, you will see engaging posts that are fun and exciting. You don’t want to have dull posts on your Instagram account or no one will return and you won’t get followers. With nearly 20,000 followers, you can see that Kayani is gaining a steady following with their engaging and entertaining posts.

Take advantage of Instagram’s free business tools

When marketing your business on Instagram, you should be switching your account to a business account. This can easily be done within the settings by linking your Facebook business page to your Instagram account. This will give you access to insightful analytics which can help you make the adjustments needed in order to reach your full potential on Instagram. Users will also now be able to contact you via phone call, text, or email with the simple contact button Instagram has added to business accounts.

Add some fun to your account

On Instagram, the average user isn’t always going to be down for business. You need to remember that most users are looking at their Instagram feed while they are relaxing. While you are telling a story about your business, products, and services, there is also room for fun posts that will just be entertaining. For example, when Anthropologie posted a picture from their annual luncheon, users only clicked the like button around 3,000 times. However, when they posted a picture of a puppy, the photo gained over 7,000 likes. This is something that has taught a lesson to many businesses. You need to cater to your market. If you are a professional who is planning taxes for lawyers and doctors, try posting a golfing picture. You may never know if this type of post will do much better than a photo of a profits and loss statement.

Use professional photography whenever possible

If you have a photographer on staff, make an assignment for them to take some Instagram pictures for you. There are also many resources online with free stock photos taken by professional photographers. You don’t always need professional photography for your business, but the more high-quality images you post, the more followers you will gain.

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