5 Ways Your Phone Can Help Keep You Healthy

Whether you are trying to lose weight, count calories, track nutrition, get in better shape or simply push through a brutal workout, there are a number of ways your cell phone can actually help. From sending you reminders to teaching you new exercises and workouts, here are 5 ways your cell phone can actually help keep you healthy.
1. Route planning and fitness tracking
If you are a runner or walker, fitness apps like runkeeper can help you plan out your routes to either incorporate or avoid obstacles like stairs or busy intersections, as well as helping you determine how far you walk or run and even how many calories you may have burned in the process.
2. Nutrition information
Trying to count calories or balance your carb to protein ratios? Trying a new restaurant and you’re not sure what you can order that fits in with your diet plan? Nutrition data bases like Mint Nutrition help you find all the information you’re looking for on-the-go when you aren’t able to do meal planning in advance. Apps like slim down shopping list can help you figure out what to buy when you are at the grocery store.
3. Reminders
Staying healthy often involves sticking to certain disciplines like eating at a certain time, making sure you take regular breaks and even standing up or exercising at certain times. You can program your cell phone to remind you when it’s time to eat, time to stand up and take a break if you’ve been sitting too long or to even to take medications at a certain time -which are all a vital part of maintaining good health.
4. Broaden your exercise horizons
Some people are perfectly content to do the same thing every day for months and even years on end, while other people get bored easily and want to always be trying something new. Apps like Hot5 offers pages and pages of easy-to-follow workout videos, ranging from workouts for your abs and core to yoga and flexibility exercises.
5. Provide motivation
Whether it’s grinding workout tunes you need from an app like Spotify or Apple Music or you like listening to podcasts during your workout, your cell phone can help provide the motivation you need to finish your workout strong. If you want to have some fun while you work out, try a “fitness game” like Zombies, Run! or Pokémon GO.

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