Tips for Growing Your Twitter Following

Tips for Growing Your Twitter Following

Growing your Twitter following is essential these days for any business, but even more so for businesses that are largely online or for those in the blogging or freelance world. Everyone’s seen sketchy ads that suggest that you can pay your way to a better Twitter following, but there are plenty of ways to get a Twitter following if you work at it.

Start With Keywords

Fill out your Twitter bio and include relevant keywords to what you intend to post about. This can include words related to your business or what you specialize in. When you post on Twitter, you should do the same thing. This allows people searching for certain keywords to come across your tweets or your profile.

Good Content

It’s also important to have good content when you post. Talking about how great your business is or how competent you are is unlikely to win you many followers or make them interested in replying to your tweets or retweeting them. Instead, post good content that’s relevant to your business in some way. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, share tips and tricks for buyers and sellers. If you’re a writer, you might share tips about writing or insightful quotes. If you have a blog, you can share your updates as well.

Stay Topical and Trending

Another good way to pick up interest is to stay on top of trends and topics. Explore what’s trending in your area frequently and enter the conversation by posting in the trend using the relevant hashtag. If you see accounts with a large number of followers in the topic, try replying to it. Other users may see your reply, like it, and then end up following you. Stay on topic by thinking about what your followers want to read.

Follow Relevant Accounts

Another way to get followers is to be a follower yourself. Twitter users tend to follow similar accounts, especially in a professional context. Again, using the real estate agent example, follow other agents in your company, follow banks, mortgage companies and anything else relevant to the real estate profession. It’s likely that you’ll get more than a few follow-backs.

Be Consistent

The key to being consistent is to post several tweets every day, make sure that it’s on topic and relevant, and interact with people in your industry and on your timeline. An example Twitter to-do list might look like this:

– tweet six times per day
– reply at least twice to tweets outside your timeline
– reply at least twice to tweets in your timeline
– retweet at least one relevant tweet

Being consistent might be the single most important aspect for growing a Twitter following.

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