Making it yours – Finding Ideas for Personalizing Your Phone or Tablet

Personalizing your tech
If you’re like most people, your phone and/or tablet probably go everywhere with you and get used a lot. When something is used so often, it can start to have a sentimental value in addition to the practical values of being able to find information, order food, and stay in touch with friends at any second. You want to make sure that this important piece of your life reflects who you are as a person. There are tons of options for how you can express yourself with your tech cases, so let’s get started looking at a few!
Put a photo on it
This one is the biggest blank slate option of them all. Etsy shops like this one will print literally any photo you want onto your case. This available for a variety of iPhones and a smattering of other popular phones.
Inspire yourself with a quote
This case has an added usefulness, since inspirational quotes can remind you to get to work when you’re tempted to pull out your phone and scroll through facebook for thousandth time. Plus, these cases feature adorable lettering and gorgeous water color-esque images. Some of them even come printed on clear plastic so you can show off your shiny rose-gold iPhone case.
Herringbone + Washi tape = two favorite things
Pick your favorite Washi tape and use some careful crafting to make herringbone pattern on the back of your case. You get extra points for DIYing this one! And the fact that you can pick your own Washi combo makes this ultra-customizable. It will work for any case the tape will stick to, meaning you don’t have to spend hours searching for a cute case that will fit your specific model.
Show off your inner glitterati
Let’s all admit that we still haven’t gotten over the realization we had as little girls that glitter is the most wonderful thing in existence. And now let’s show off that love by by covering our tech cases in glitter. You can use any hard case and add some glitter and decoupage. It’s a messy project with a satisfyingly glittery outcome.So there you go, four easy ways to express yourself on the tech you use every day. It can sometimes be a little work, but the result is something to take pride in.

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