Tangled – Tips for Keeping Your Device Charging Cables Organized

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These days, most people own several electronic devices. At the very least, you have your smartphone, tablet, laptop and gaming console. If you live in a household with an entire family, a significant other or a roommate or two, you will have even more devices. As a result, you will also have plenty of charging cables lying around. These are bound to get tangled and disorganized over time. You can avoid that situation by using these tips for keeping your charging cables organized.

Eliminate Unused Cables
If you have several charging cables for any one device, consider giving them away or recycling them. After all, you only need one working cable for charging your smartphone or laptop. However, it’s a good idea to keep one extra in case the other suddenly malfunctions.

Consider a Charging Dock
Charging docks are extremely popular. They are available for iPhone and Android smartphones and can be purchased as standalone docks or with speakers for playing music from your phone. These are great accessories that serve multiple purposes and can easily replace your charging cable when you’re home. You can simply store your cable in your bag to take to work or school and not have to worry about using it at home when you have a dock.

Pack Cables Away
If you have many charging cables, you can pack them away in an organizer. There are many compact, fashionable organizers from which to choose that can fit in a drawer or other convenient spot. When you need a specific cable, you can simply retrieve it. This is also a great option for people who travel a lot.

Build Cable Hiding Charging Station
A great way to organize your charging cables is to build your own cable hiding charging station. This can easily be done using a device such as an old toolbox with holes on the sides. The cables can be inserted with the charging parts sticking out for quick and easy access when your smartphone or tablet needs juice.

Mail Organizer as Charging Station
A mail organizer is the perfect option for using as a charging station for a household with multiple occupants. You can store all of your smartphones and tablets in it and store the chargers within. Swap out your standard wall outlet for an appropriate multiple-port charging outlet for easier and faster charging.
These tips will have your charging cables organized in no time. You will find that everything is neater and safer in the long run.

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