How to Become an Influencer on Facebook

How to Become an Influencer on Facebook

There have always been individuals whose expertise and knowledge lent them an aura of celebrity. Their opinions, advice and stories were sought after. In today’s Facebook world, influencers are growing in great numbers. High ranking authorities turn to them to write blogs and to convince others what products and services to spend their money on.

Becoming an influencer isn’t as easy as it might seem. If you want to take Facebook by storm and join elite influencers like Lance Stewart (9.2 million followers) and Arika Sato (4.6 million), here are a few tips that can help you climb the influencer ladder.

Find Your Niche

The first step is knowing your mastery in a specific subject that a large audience will appreciate but isn’t being covered sufficiently. On Facebook, Sato has managed to build a reputation in as broad a field as fashion and beauty, but found an unique, personal approach that entertains millions.

Track & Monitor Platform Blogs

Just knowing your stuff doesn’t guarantee any type of career as an influencer. Facebook is in constant flux. You have to educate yourself in how to use it effectively, including knowing the social platform’s latest updates – algorithm changes, analytics, new features – and how they’ll impact your channels.

Read and Contribute to Relevant Blogs

One crucial step to becoming a Facebook influencer is establishing your voice and audience. By reading and contributing to platform blogs, you begin to expose others to your insights. Guest blog or leave comments. Link to relevant content. But know what you’re talking about. Always link to your Facebook page.

Keep a Blog

Have a blog that focuses on your niche. Produce content as frequently as possible. Connect with other influencers. By doing so, you can link to their blogs and have them link to yours. This is a great way to connect and get shared, spreading the word that you’re a trusted authority.

Create Compelling Content

Whether it’s on your blog, a post on your Facebook page or a comment on a company website, supply the latest news or information that has high value for sharing. The goal is to create a reputation as a resource in your niche. Once this happens, the audience will seek you out.

There’s plenty of digital space for the influencer on Facebook, but you have to carefully create your profile. Develop and use your expertise until others want more.

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