Leveling Up On LinkedIn

Leveling Up On LinkedIn

Conventional wisdom for modern job seekers is that they need a presence on LinkedIn, the largest and most prestigious professional social networking site. The question is whether you are using LinkedIn to its full extent and your advantage. So let’s go over some of the ways you can leverage your LinkedIn profile to make better connections, get recruited for great jobs and ultimately become a LinkedIn pro.

Have A Complete Profile

The first step to having a standout LinkedIn profile is to ensure it is as complete and comprehensive as possible. LinkedIn helps you with this by suggesting what parts of your profile could use more information and rate your profile for completeness. Unlike the tailored resume you submit to potential employers, your experience section on LinkedIn is designed to be more comprehensive and should be. Think of it as your master resume and use and treat it as such. Make sure your provide details on the value you offer your employment. If you are self-employed and work in a business like Kyäni, list your successes and give reasons why people would want to work with you.

Showcase A Professional-Looking Photo And Get A Custom URL

You should always have a photo of yourself on your LinkedIn profile – profiles with photos receive significantly more attention than those that do not. Another thing you should do is customize your LinkedIn profile URL. It’s much easier to direct someone to your LinkedIn profile with a personalized URL than one that consists of random numbers and letters. These steps simply make your profile look more legitimate and yourself look more professional.

Have A Catchy And Informative Headline

Your headline is the first thing visitors see at the top of your profile and functions with a similar purpose as a summary statement at the top of your resume does. Briefly describe who you are professionally, what your experience level is and what you can do for people. By extension, your summary should also be carefully composed, as it is the first detailed information someone looking at your LinkedIn profile will see and keywords within it will turn up in search results.

Write Articles

Writing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to get noticed because the more content you produce, the more likely someone is going to stumble across it who will be impressed, click through to your profile and connect with you. Articles on your profile feed also demonstrate that you are engaged with the community and are a knowledgeable professional.

Get Recommendations

Having both recommendations and endorsed skills signals to anyone seeing your profile that you are an accomplished and skilled professional because others have vouched for you. Recommendations are particularly helpful as they function similarly to a reference in advance. Anyone looking at your profile can clearly see and read recommendations written by former employers that tell them immediately that you were a good, liked and trusted employee.

Upload Your Portfolio

If you work in a creative profession or it would otherwise be beneficial for you to show off past work, LinkedIn allows you to upload a portfolio to your profile. This allows recruiters to see the quality of your work immediately so they can make a determination if you are the right fit for a role, making it easier to get in contact with people who desire your skills.

By following these tips and getting creative, your LinkedIn profile will garner a lot more attention, look more professional and make it far easier for you to make connections and get recruited for the best jobs.

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