5 Great iPhone Cases

The makers of iPhone cases have been getting creative lately, in ways that are incredibly convenient for iPhone carriers. Depending on your needs, you may find that one of these iPhone cases is a must-have for you. Whether you want to ditch your wallet or just be safer on early morning runs, one of these cases will be useful to you. With the help of these cool cases you can turn your phone into…

A credit card holder
There are tons of options for stashing your cash and cards in your phone case so you can stop carrying your wallet. We like the Damda Glide series by VRSdesign because of how low-profile and unnoticeable the holder is. It also comes in several attractive colors.

A toolbox
Of course, you can’t store your whole toolbox in here, so maybe this is better compared to a Swiss army knife. Either way, the Multi-Tool Utility case by in1Case allows you to carry useful tools like scissors, screwdrivers (flat and phillips head), a kickstand, and much more right inside your case.

A weapon
It’s a little bulky, but you won’t mind that at all if you ever need to use it (and we hope you don’t). This case has built-in pepper spray, but don’t worry, there’s a safety tab so you don’t accidentally spray yourself while talking on the phone. This is a great thing for runners, since they can carry just their phone without worrying about finding a place to stash their pepper spray. Just don’t try to get this case past airport security.

A scuba diving buddy
Lifeproof makes a variety of waterproof cell phone cases, and many of them have additional features as well. We like the Fre line for its versatility ( and pretty colors). These cases allow you take your phone along on all your messy, muddy, wet, and rainy adventures. They also sell handy accessories like bike mounts and armbands.

A base for your LEGO masterpiece
Belkin, creator of everything we’ve ever wanted, now makes an iPhone case with an official LEGO board on the back, so you can lay your phone face down and start building up. Since it uses real LEGO products, your bricks will actually fit just as well as on a standard board. Unfortunately, additional LEGO blocks aren’t included.

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