Daily Motivation Techniques

Daily Motivation Techniques

What inspires you to keep on track towards your goals? Almost every successful person has a unique way to stay motivated. Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your journey:

Motivational Quotes
Find motivational quotes that inspire you for your particular situation. Do you need help with weight loss? Is getting healthy one of your goals? Do you need to stay positive in stressful situations? There are great sites, like Pinterest or Google, where you can find daily quotes to keep you going. Try finding one quote and posting it on your social media site every day. Not only will it keep you encouraged, it will also help your friends.

Nothing helps to reach a tough goal like a reward. For weight-loss, try non-food rewards like new running shoes, yoga mats or work-out gear. You could also buy that new book you’ve been wanting when you reach your weight-loss weekly goal. Movie tickets, new clothes, and spa days are also treats to help you stay on track. Having something tangible to look forward to will often help you to get through those tough spots.

Vitamins, herbal teas, and minerals can all help you to stay motivated. Having the right vitamins in your diet can help prevent cravings. Herbal teas and coffee can help to give you an energy boost to finish your work day. Minerals like zinc will fight off the effects of stress (like a compromised immune system). It’s hard to stay on track if you are sick so take those supplements daily!

‘See it. Be it.’ We’ve all heard about visualizing ourselves richer, thinner, healthier and more successful. However, we failed to realize that this actually works. People who focus every morning on seeing themselves as what they want to be, usually end up being what they wanted to be. Take time to look in the mirror every morning. See yourself healthy or in the corporate chair or driving that ’68 Nova SS you always wanted. Post pictures around your mirror, on your refrigerator, even in your car – of the goal you are aiming for. It’s very likely that you will reach that goal.

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